It looks like an ordinary stroller, but you will be surprised when it is folded

An innovative stroller model for babies has made its way into the Book of Guinness World Records, having been recognized as the smallest folding stroller in the world. The model GB Pockit Stroller can fold so much that it can be fit into a shopping bag.

The main concept of the invention is to be a real help for parents with small children. The dimensions of the stroller are 35 cm x 30 cm x 18 cm when it is folded.

The stroller can be reduced to the size of a handbag with a few movements. The demonstration in the video leaves us speechless as the stroller becomes smaller and smaller just to come back to regular size again with very little effort. In crowded cities this stroller model could be ideal for mothers who walk their babies in parks and then go home by public transportation or in their own car.

The uncomfortable problem of strollers that occupy a lot of space has been solved by this revolutionary concept, which the inventors wish to appear on the market very soon. Parents will have to wait only several months more until they can buy this wonder stroller.

Jen Johnson, the marketing director of GB says that they knew parents had problems using strollers as they were too big, too heavy and sometimes difficult to transport. So the idea of the company is to help the parents to travel wherever they want with their babies.

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