It looked like an everyday glazed cake. But when it started to turn around, the effect was totally special.

When skilled confectioners prepare a very special cake for a wedding party, they are competing to implement original and creative ideas. This is the case of this master confectioner as well, and his prowess simply leaves us speechless.


The centerpiece in a fairy tale wedding is always the cake, white and fluffy and richly ornate. The lace effect lace is obtained using a cream squeezer through which the icing comes out of different forms. The pure whiteness of the cake rivals with the bride’s dress, and the floral motives match the basic theme of the party.

The confectioner starts at the bottom of the cake with a layer of cream, and he continues with the folds and tassels. The top of the cake is decorated with roses and lace made of thin wires of cream.
The process by which he creates the roses is quite impressive. He scoops some cream on a small support, and builds the white petals around it, rotating the support in the meantime.

Such a cake will remain a very special memory for every guest present at the wedding ceremony.

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