Look into my eyes, baby – male stars with the most gorgeous eyes

Eyes are the mirror of the soul – but these guys are able to sweep ladies off their feet even when wearing sunglasses. Let’s see which male stars have the most attractive eyes.


Ian Somerhalder

The wild and arrogant, but madly love-struck star of Vampire Diaries is a perfect match for his role. He has enchanting, intense and spectacular eyes.


Wentworth Miller

If you have seen Prison Break, you know why this actor is on our list. His gaze is irresistible – no wonder women were upset when he recently announced he is attracted to men.


Johnny Depp

It is difficult to find any fault in this actor – he is charming, funny, friendly and talented. His light brown eyes are also very special. Ironically, though, his eyesight is very bad – that’s why he wears glasses almost constantly.


Hugh Laurie

Even if he is the oldest man on our list, he has no reason to complain. The actor, playing the strange physician in Dr. House has exceptionally beautiful eyes. His angry and nagging personality in the movie is almost confuted by these bright eyes.


Ryan Reynolds

Only a true rebel can have such eyes; no wonder women adore him. The actor is married, but his eyes are full of a childish naughtiness and playfulness that sweeps every lady off her feet easily.


Zac Efron

The actor’s eyes are almost unnaturally blue, and it is uncontestable that they can be as attractive in real life as on the screen. It is enough to take one look at this boy to realize how energetic and full of life he is. Zac has recently spent some time in rehab because of his drug problems – hopefully he will be well soon.

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