Long lost dog reunited with family after 20 months of separation!

People who keep pets will certainly understand the reactions and the joy shown in this movie. When you lose a loved pet, you will be overcome by tears and pain, especially if you don’t know whether they are safe, and whether they have anything to eat and a place to sleep.

 This family from Verona, Pennsylvania lost their dog, Gunnar, 20 months ago, and at that time the happiness and tranquility of their home disappeared. Although they exhausted all possibilities to find their pet, they kept failing, and their hope to locate it shrank from day to day.

However, employees at Animal Care & Control from Pittsburgh didn’t stop for a single moment to use all their resources, still hoping that Gunnar could be found. Finally they learned that there was a stray dog ​​seen near a park. They brought the dog to the animal shelter, and it was found to be Gunnar. As we can see in the video, the joy of the family is indescribable, and Gunnar is so happy that he keeps jumping on his owners to show its boundless joy.

The joy and love of this energetic dog and of the family will sure impress and move you deeply. The story proves that we must never give up, and there is always hope for things to come right.

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