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Listen to the mantra of the seven chakras: the cure that heals you and protects you against negativity

The following Ashang mantra acts on the energy field and, in particular, on the seven chakras; it has the ability to activate them and ensure their healing and balance. It also helps you to recover from moments when you feel depressed. The mantra is commonly used in kundalini yoga.

Listen to the mantra of the seven chakras: the cure that heals you and protects you against negativity
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Despite our attempts to protect ourselves, negative energies often capture our body, mind and soul. Whether they come from others, is caused by unpleasant events, unfavorable circumstances or our own dissatisfaction and worries, negative energies can be like claws that tighten your soul and prevent you from finding your peace. It’s important to find your own ways to calm your thoughts and find inner peace. Often, meditations, prayers and mantras uttered from the soul can help enormously. Listen to this Ashand mantra, a reassuring and peaceful chant that helps heal your body and soul.

Mantra for healing and protection against negative energies

Try to listen to the mantra every time you feel invaded by negative or negative energies. When you are recharged with positive energies, you can counteract the effects of negativity. If you meditate frequently, you can use this mantra during meditation. If you don’t, just quietly listen to the mantra in the privacy of your room, allowing yourself to be carried by its wisdom and healing energy. As you listen to it, let yourself be carried by its harmonious sounds and feel how your body and soul, your whole and complete being, become part of the infinite energy of the universe. And, as you become one with the cosmic wisdom, feel how harmony takes hold of every cell in your body, your body relaxes completely, and your mind reconnects to the eternal power source. It’s like breathing not only physically but also with mind and spirit.

The mantra is composed of two parts:

  • – Guru Guru Wahe
    – Guru Guru Ram Das Guru

The first part, Guru Guru Wahe, consists of four words that urge you to design your own infinite power that exists inside you and in the universe, and the second part, Guru Ram Das Guru, brings the energy of the Infinity, the source of eternal power and wisdom within us. Not accidentally, in this chant the word “Guru” has the highest weight, as it is repeated 5 times. “Gu” means “dark,” while “Ru” means “light,” the Guru being the one who can lead us from darkness to light, from good to evil, from negative energy to positive energy. It is said that each part of this mantra resonates with the 7 energy chakras of the human body:

GURU – resonates with the first chakra, located at the base of the spine

GURU – resonates with the second chakra, associated with the sexual organs and the abdomen

WAHE (hay) – resonates with the third chakra, associated with the center of the body

GURU – resonates with the fourth chakra, associated with the heart

GURU – resonates with the fifth chakra, associated with the neck

RAM DAS – resonates with the sixth chakra, associated with the third eye

GURU – resonates with the seventh chakra, located in the crown of the head