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Learn to see people’s aura in five minutes

If the chakras are the energy flow within the body, then there must be a flow of energy outside the body as well. It works in the same stream, but instead of an internal vortex, it is manifested as an external wave. This is actually the aura, your aura.

Source: kairin/Flickr.com
Source: kairin/Flickr.com

What is the aura? Another part of your body, a kind of energy, as well as your chakras. Merkaba is the category that includes the chakras and the aura. Your auric layers are in tune with each of your chakras, and they radiate the emotion and energy that you feel in each moment. Thoughts and emotions are felt immediately, as they vibrate both outside and inside simultaneously. They mirror each other, as in the case of a perfect reflection.

Each vibration (i.e. every feeling, thought, emotion, or whatever) is not something that is attached to you, but rather something that is re-create and confronted every moment. This means that every moment recreates the same feelings. As everyone knows, the feelings are not fixed, so you can change these vibrations if you want it.

The aura can also be seen! With just a little practice, and a fairly simple trick, you can see the aura around your body and the bodies of others, and your understanding of how works feelings, energy and energy fields work begins to change. Look beyond the physical realm regularly and you will be able to to see and interpret the aura in the shortest time. Moreover, you will begin to experience what we call a “synaptic leap” – that is, when mental data points connect us to each other and we begin to understand and see things much more clearly than previously.