Learn how to make this delicious donut recipe!

The following donut recipe is easy to make, and it is very delicious. It can make a quick breakfast or an afternoon snack; it can be enjoyed hot or cold, and it still tastes good the next day.


All you need to make this delicacy are a few common ingredients: a couple of slices of bread, peanut butter, powdered sugar and jam.

It is the best to use fresh bread cut into thin slices. Take a biscuit-cutter, and cut out round pieces from the middle of the slices. Don’t use the crust.

Spread peanut butter on one slice and jam on the other. Place the two slices on top of each other with the spreading in the middle, and pinch the edges together well, so that the filling doesn’t ooze out.

Fry the bread-donuts in hot oil on both sides, and then sprinkle powdered sugar on them.

This is perhaps the world’s most simple and yet delicious sweets. The best thing is that no one will realize that you used bread to make these crispy donuts.

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