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The last two digits of your birth year will reveal the mystery of your life

The last digit of your birth year is extremely important as it points to one of the five basic elements of Feng Shui, and this element defines the most significant moments in your destiny.

According to the antique Chinese calendar, based on which the Oriental horoscope is calculated, the five basic elements are metal, water, wood, fire and earth. These define our lives and create the cause-effect relationships. Astrologers consider that these elements exercise a powerful influence not only over the human nature but also over the individual character. They determine the ways of thinking and personal preferences as well.

If the last digits of your birth year are:
0 or 1, you’re characterized by the element of metal
2 or 3, you’re characterized by the element of water
4 or 5, you’re characterized by the element of wood
6 or 7, you’re characterized by the element of fire
8 or 9, you’re characterized by the element of earth

1. Metal 

The element of metal is the symbol of flexibility and concentration. You are a determined and perseverant person who trusts his or her own powers. You are reserved and you need a large personal space. Some may consider you sophisticated and pretentious.

You always help people and look after your beloved, but you never ask help from others. By this independent behavior, you gain the respect of people around you. You can’t stand if somebody tries to give you advice without being asked.

Professionally, you are ambitious and you can become a successful business person. You enjoy your prosperous life and the luxury, comfort and freedom it can offer you. Paradoxically, however, even though you are seeking public appreciation, you also want others to leave you alone. You create your own success and build your own destiny with a lot of concentration. Nobody should confront you, as you are going to retaliate quickly.

One of your weaker points is closer relationships, as you have a very strong critical spirit, and you are stubborn. Your romantic relationships can be difficult and they will fail if your partner is not willing to follow you and your ambitions. You are very self-demanding, and you demand a lot from your beloved ones as well.

2. Water

Water symbolizes adaptability and fluidity. You’re an empathetic, sensitive and creative person, and you have very advanced intuitive skills. You talk a lot and you are a pleasant partner in conversation, but you also possess the secret ability to influence others’ thoughts. You are especially apt in manipulation, so you may end up dominating your partner without being aggressive and causing fights.

Generally, everybody considers you a nice person. You are able to use others in very practical ways to reach your own goals. You act with the fluidity of a river, and you affect your environment with your inner power and your charming calmness. You gain easily the trust and affection of others, and people follow you wherever you lead them. You make everybody feel special, and you appreciate everybody’s unique talents. This is why you are so skillful in working with people and in closing deals.

Your weak point is that you always try to be pleasant, and because of this you can show different traits of personality, you can become undecided, passive and depressed. You need to be very careful especially in your romantic relationship, so your partner doesn’t make use of your tolerance.

3. Wood

The element of wood is the symbol of growth and progress. Just like the rings of a tree trunk grow one more every year, you keep becoming richer with new experience and knowledge. You are dynamic and active, socialize easily and always try to maintain a positive attitude when you are challenged.

On professional level, you are an excellent organizer and you make large-scale plans. You are able to make good decisions because you care about those you work with. Others trust you because you are open-minded and compassionate, so you make an excellent friend and colleague.

Because of your personality, you always look for opportunities for growth and renewal. You understand and identify with the values and the potential of yourself and of others. Your self-confidence helps you to act according to your convictions. You are indispensable in the social groups which you belong to.

You often act as a protector of your family members. Marriage and family are extremely important for you. You get attached fast to your partner, and you invest a lot of energy in your relationship with him or her.

Your weak point is that you work too much, and at the same time you may remain passive and allow others to lead you. Don’t allow yourself be lost in the forest, and to stay anonymous among other thousands of trees. Express and show your values.

4. Fire

The element of fire is the symbol of passion and action, rapid movement and activity. You are a dynamic, adventurous, restless, competitive and strong person, and you look at life with optimism. You do crazy things from time to time, due to your enthusiasm.

You will have a lot of conquests in love, as you are seductive and affectionate. You go through great passions, enjoy every moment of the game of love, and you throw yourself wholeheartedly into your relationships.

In your professional life, you possess the qualities of a good leader: you are competitive and motivated, and you are interested in obtaining results. You are strong and restless, and you are possessed by an impulsive enthusiasm. You inspire others by your determined actions and your dynamic personality.

People are attracted to you like a magnet, and you lead them into adventures full of adrenaline. Even though you act instinctively very often, your mind is always full of new ideas and intelligent solutions.

Your sensitive points are being stressed easily and your low tolerance of frustration. You’re impatient and you want everything right here and right now, so you can lose your temper very easily if your needs are not satisfied immediately.

5. Earth

The element of earth is the symbol of stability, security and trust. You are a perfectionist and a wise, patient, and careful person. You take your responsibilities seriously, and you sacrifice yourself for the good of others. People find you a good person to ask if they need advice, as you are a clear thinker. You share your wisdom with others and teach them to reach their inner peace.

Your pragmatic way of thinking is appreciated at your workplace. Because you are loyal and trustworthy, you will be given tasks of coordination or administration. You find a lot of satisfaction in the domain of business.
You rely on logic rather than on feelings or emotions, and you always try to plan your life as detailed as possible. You want to avoid the unknown and unpleasant surprises, and you want to control your destiny entirely.

You are wary of adventures and deceptions in your love life, and you protect yourself by analyzing the person who approaches you carefully. Once this person gains your trust, he or she can rely on you for a lifetime.

Your sensitive point is that you don’t trust your intuition, and you doubt the possibilities of realizing your dreams. You rely too much on logic and you are dependent on controlling every situation, to the point that you’re afraid of the unknown and of losing control. Try to remove the obstacles that exist only in your mind.