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It seemed an ordinary day at the mall, before a young woman in a blue hoodie showed up

This flash mob was organized by “Aer Lingus”, the national airline of Ireland, to mark the launch of a new route that connects Southend Airport in London and Dublin. Over 40 talented young people who study Irish folk dance at “McGahan Lees Dance Academy” in Essex, England, managed to break the monotonous atmosphere of the Lakeside Shopping Centre for a few minutes.


The usual flow of the crows in the lobby of the shopping was brought to a halt by a choreographic moment that no one expected. At one point, a young woman emerged from the crowd and started dancing, capturing everyone’s attention. Soon, other young people joined in an amazing flash mob.

The synchronizing of the movements and steps of the Irish dance brought big smiles to the faces of shoppers. The cheerfulness and energy of the dancers is visibly infectious, and they manage to attract an amazing crowd of people into the lobby who all want to admire these talented young dancers. Everybody is fascinated by the dancers’ fast movements and their coordination, and many spectators want to capture this special artistic moment.

When the music stops, everyone, who until then danced with dedication and passion, turns in different directions, and they scatter in the crowd as if nothing had happened.