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It looks like any ordinary sofa, until it turns into something very special

In the video, Ron Barth, president of the company “Resource Furniture” presents and demonstrates the functioning of a line of multi-functional Italian furniture which aims to use living space with maximum efficiency.


“Resource Furniture” ensures us that the term “space saver” is fully earned by the furniture they design. The cabinets, sofas, tables and chairs adapt completely to the room where they are located, and they can be closed or extended for various practical uses.

The shapes and functions can be changed without any unnecessary complications: “Grab handle A while you press switch B, and then pull lever C”, and magically a piece of furniture quickly turns into something else with a different function. A coffee table becomes a dining table just by simply lifting its top, a cabinet on the opposite side of the room turns into a large bed which, simply by the flip of a panel offers all the comfort for a peaceful sleep, and a desk can be collapsed easily and then made disappear under the bed. The sofa in the living room can have various shapes and, surprisingly, it even turns into a double bed.

The children’s rooms weren’t neglected either. The beds are pulled out from a wall, and the desk turns into various shapes as the components are slid.