It looks like a picture of an old woman, but…

Watching the phases of a human life rolling in front of your eyes, from the face of a child to the one of an aged woman, a face lined by wrinkles – and all these within several minutes, is completely exceptional. A woman’s life is beautiful at any age, and the facial features in the video prove this fact without any doubt.


This tour de force is the artwork of South Korean artist who began portraying the delicate face of a baby, and by successive changes of the original drawing he managed to capture the characteristic facial features of every stage in a woman’s life.

It is amazing that, within 4 minutes, you can watch so much change in a person’s features that take place over a lifetime. We can look at the sweet and delicate face of a little girl followed by the image of a teenager, happy and full of life, turning into a mature woman, and, by the end, a gentle grandmother with grey hair.

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