It looks like a normal ballet performance, though this performance is anything but usual

Many ballet performances are characterized by grace and refinement entwined with passion and enthusiasm by talented performers. However, the staging of this show has managed to create so much fun that the audience could not resist bursting into laughs.

The choreography of this show includes deliberate mistakes that make it look like the girls have forgotten what they were supposed to do. Performed by the ballet of the Vienna State Opera, this show is unique and amusing; it skillfully blends comedy with classical ballet.

In a show presented in Monte Carlo, the group of dancers appear before the audience in a unique choreography to the music of Chopin. Their representation on the scene arouses laughter from those watching funny improvisations and intentional mistakes at certain times during the choreography.

The outfits of some of the dancers, including the accessories they wear, and which don’t really match the dresses of other group members’ provoked rounds of applause and bursts of joy in the auditorium.

However, through the steps and movements of classical ballet, ballerinas prove mastery and professionalism in everything they execute on the stage. They know perfectly how to cause the most impressive effects through occasionally reverting to the “order and rigor” of classical ballet. Although it seems a battle of power for each of them to be in the spotlight, together they manage to create an exceptional artistic act.

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