An ingenious way to remove a car stuck in sand or mud

Have you ever been a situation when the tires of your car got stuck in sand or mud, and you revved the vehicle in vain, not being able to get it unstuck? Such a situation can be extremely annoying.

An ingenious way to remove a car stuck in sand or mud

Photo: YouTube

The video below presents a very practical idea in case the above situation happens to you. The video was made in the desert, but the solution can probably also be applied if your car gets stuck in a muddy road.

So, what do you need to do if you’re driving in the desert and your car gets stuck? Dig a large hole at the back of the car. Take a bag, fill it up completely with the sand, tie a pulling cord around the bag, throw the bag in the hole and then fill up the hole. Fasten the other end of the cord to the tire of the car, and then dig out the sand in the front and start the car.

With this method, the car can be moved very easily.

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