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Indoor plant care during the winter

Our indoor plants need a very different care in the winter, as they can be harmed easily by the cold, darkness and dry air resulting from heating. Let’s take a look at what we need to be aware of!

Airing out rooms

While airing out rooms, either place the plants well away from the open window, or cover them, so cold air can’t reach them. Don’t air out rooms during the coldest hours and for a long time. It is recommended to use platforms on wheels to move pots easily.

During the winter, a window is not an optimal storing place for plants anyway: during sunny hours the window area becomes too hot, and the ensuing fast cooling period is very stressful to our plants that are exposed to big temperature changes anyway if the room is only heated occasionally.

Indoor plant care during the winter
Photo: Chiot’s Run/Flickr.com


Avoid overwatering plants. During winter, the plants are going through a resting period, and their vegetation is greatly slowed down. Therefore, most of them need less water than in the summer. The effects of dry air can be remedied not with overwatering, but with a mist sprinkler or a streamer. Don’t leave plants stand in water that accumulates at the bottom of the saucers.

The top of the soil may be dry in pots, but the lower layers can still hold a considerable amount of water. The best way to determine dryness is to knock on the wall of the pots. If we hear a hollow clanging sound, it is time to water the plant. Always water after airing out the room, as plants can be chilled faster when wet. Also, always use water at room temperature.

Another thing we should pay attention to

Keep the plants away from radiators and heaters, and store them in sunny rooms during the winter, so they can receive the maximum possible amount of light. In the winter it is also important to shower the plant or wipe them off with a wet rag. This way, we can also reduce the negative effects of dry air, and the leaves can process more sunlight if they are dust-free.