How to whiten browned underarm skin

In our days, a well-kempt appearance is a basic requirement. Everybody tries to be trendy the way trendiness is dictated by the fashion world and the media. Nowadays, it is almost unimaginable for a woman not to shave her under arms, even though 10–20 years ago this habit wasn’t so widespread.


Even in case of men, there was a period when a bare chest was fashionable; however now hairy but well-groomed men have become trendy again.

In the case of women, a hairless underarm is a basic requirement, and besides that the whiteness of the skin is very important, too. Instead of spending a lot of money on various lotions and creams, you can make a skin whitening mixture at home from natural ingredients.

Get some baking soda and lemon or lime; all you have to do is add a teaspoonful of baking soda to the same amount of lemon juice, mix them well and spread the mixture onto your underarm skin right after you have taken a shower.

To achieve a lasting result, it is recommended to repeat this whitening procedure every day after your daily shower.

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