How to turn a t-shirt into a fashionable scarf

Kim Kovelle shows us how easy it is to make a scarf out of a used t-shirt. If you have some old t-shirts you no longer wear, you can simply give them a new utility instead of throwing them away.


Spread the t-shirt on a flat surface and remove the bottom hem, the sleeves and the hem around the neck. Then cut the t-shirt into strips of the same width. Now you have two choices: you can make a scarf in a single color, or in two or more colors depending on the t-shirts you want to recycle.

Once you have all the strips cut, pull them lengthwise to stretch them out as much as possible. Then use a weight to press down one end of the strips, and braid them. Make a knot at the two ends when done braiding. If you use thinner and shorter strips, you can make bracelets in the same color as the scarves.

Have Fun!