How to remove stains from pots and pans without harmful chemicals

It’s a dream of every woman to have squeaky clean and shiny pots and pans at all times. Of course, this is almost impossible to achieve, as food and grease stains persist stubbornly even after a good washing.


Here’s a really efficient and cheap solution, with the aid of which you can make your pots so shiny they will look like new.

The ingredients you need are all found on your panty shelves, and they are completely environment friendly. What you will need is salt, wine vinegar and a rough sponge.

Place the pot or pan in the sink and sprinkle plenty of salt on it, especially onto stained areas. Then pour some vinegar on the dish, sprinkle on more salt and scrub vigorously with the sponge.

The stains will disappear as if by magic.

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