How to relieve anxiety using a simple technique

There are very few people, if any, who never experienced anxiety. Some of us are stressed out when traveling by plane, others are scared of an important job interview or a medical checkup.

Regardless of what causes it, anxiety is never a pleasant feeling. It distracts us from the positive side of things and pushes us involuntarily towards a dark view of the events and their possible outcomes.

Probably you have already heard the advice: take a deep breath and calm down. Sounds good, but how should you do this to really make it work? Gillian, a YouTube blogger claims that technique is everything, and demonstrates how to use breathing technique to calm down.

In fact, the solution presented by her is much more than taking deep breaths, but the steps are easy to follow and very useful in fighting anxiety. All you need to do is watch the video and learn the steps. When you struggle with anxiety next time, you will have a useful strategy to use.

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