How to make your curly hair beautiful with the aid of a t-shirt

Many of us would love to have beautiful curls, but curly hair seems to need a lot of care. Here’s, however, a technique to shape your curls naturally and easily.

Photo: Capture YouTube

Photo: Capture YouTube

Curly or wavy hair usually is prone to drying out, flattening or turning it into a cotton-like mess if you comb it too much. Such hair is beautiful only if the if the tresses cascade in separate curls, and they are shiny and healthy.

The video below demonstrates that you can wash and condition your hair the usual way, and the secret to lovely curls comes in the next phase. You may have beautiful curls if you use conditioner on your wet hair, and then you keep it covered overnight.

After using a conditioner, lay a T-shirt onto your bed, and lean over so your hair falls onto the T-shirt. Tie the T-shirt around your head as seen the video, and leave it on overnight.

By the morning your hair will be beautifully curly and shiny.

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