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How to make the healthiest salad

Whether you are trying to resign to carbohydrates, lose weight or eat more fresh food, salads are essential in the human diet. However, a salad for lunch or dinner does nothing else than stimulate your appetite, and you end up eating more than what you planned to. We would like to offer you help to prepare the healthiest and most filling salad, which will give you energy and a sense of fullness until the next meal.

Source: Flickr.com
Source: Flickr.com

The first thing to plan is the salad base, that is, the greens. For hydration, you may include iceberg lettuce, and a great source for fiber are kale or spinach leaves.

The next step in making a perfect salad is slicing or chopping up the fresh vegetables that you will include in the salad. Choose seasonal produce to make sure that you don’t eat hothouse vegetables full of artificial plant food. Nutritionists recommend to eat vegetables in all colors of the rainbow to have a balanced intake of various nutrients. In addition, your salad plate will look very cheerful and appetizing.

Don’t forget to include proteins into your salad, so you don’t remain hungry and won’t grab for the first unhealthy snack you come upon. Keep in mind that a woman needs 46 grams of proteins daily, and an active lifestyle demands even more than that. Therefore, include some fish or chicken into the salad to keep hunger away.

A healthy salad also contains healthy fats. You may garnish your salad with nuts, avocado and olive oil – all of these ingredients are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.

In a nutshell, this is the way to make a healthy salad. Are you ready to try it out?