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How to make scented candles

We can make the Christmas preparation more pleasant by listening to festive music, eating delicious cookies and lighting scented candles. This time, we will show how to make candles at home, and perhaps turn this activity into a fun evening.

The shopping list

Candle wax
Scent material
Wick (you should buy the kind that has a small metal plaque at the bottom)
Coloring material
What you will also need
A pot
A heat resistant bag or another, smaller pot
Wood sticks

First step

Clean the molds thoroughly and set them out. Put the large pot filled with water on the stove. Place the wax in the heat resistant bag or a small pot that fits inside the large one. Heat the wax until it completely melts.

Second step

Add the scent and coloring material to the melted wax.

Third step

Place a wick in the middle of each mold. The top ends of the wicks should be fastened to sticks or held by the tweezers, so they remain in their place while the wax is poured into the molds.

Fourth step

After the colourful, scented, liquid wax is poured into the molds, all we have to do is waiting until the wax hardens again. The length of time necessary for the hardening depends on the size of the candles we make. The larger the molds, the longer time it will take for the wax to become hard. When we are sure that the candles are completely solid, gently knock the molds to the edge of the table, so the candles slide out easily.

A tip
Wrapped in cellophane, tied with a Christmas ribbon, a handmade scented candle can be a great gift as well.