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How to make omelette in an unbroken egg

The kitchen is where all of us spend a lot of time. Here we cook various dishes and recipes and sometimes we experiment with unusual ways of cooking. In these images, we can see how a man’s imagination has proven far more creative than others’. He found an ingenious method to prepare an omelette, not in any old way but in the unbroken eggshell.

How to make omelette in an unbroken egg
Photo: Capture YouTube

The procedure is quite simple. You will need a raw egg, a blouse with sleeves that you no longer use and two pieces of string. Introduce the egg in one of the sleeves, tie it closely with some string, then grab the two ends of the blouse and spin egg as fast as you can.

By this procedure the egg white is mixed with the yolk and the content of the egg turns a uniform yellow. After you performed this operation with a sufficient number of eggs for the whole family, cook them as usual.

After you boil and peel the eggs, you will have the pleasant surprise to find an instant omelette that will make a tasty breakfast. You can make as many omelets as you want by this procedure as long as you don’t run out of eggs.