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How to make exotic banana soup

Even though banana is mostly used in lovely fruit salad or dessert recipes, you can also make a wonderful soup out of bananas too. If you like exotic food, this recipe is just for you.

Your guests will be delighted by this masterpiece, and it can make a special lunch on an ordinary weekday as well. Besides, banana is very beneficial to our health.

It has high pectin content, which makes it enhance digestion and detoxification. Also, believe it or not, banana can help quit smoking, as it curbs craving for nicotine due to its high vitamin B, potassium and magnesium content.

To make exotic banana soup, take a ripe banana, 200 ml milk, 200 ml heavy cream and the juice of half a lemon, a little cinnamon, vanilla sugar and some whipped cream.

Peel and slice the banana, put it in a blender and add milk and cream to it. Blend it well, and then add some vanilla sugar, cinnamon and the lemon juice.

Blend it some more, and your soup is ready! You can eat it at once, but the best would be if you refrigerate it for half an hour.

You can serve it decorated with a few banana slices and some whipped cream.