How to make “baby chicken” stuffed eggs?

Skillful homemakers begin to collect practical ideas long before Easter. Is there anyone out there who has a special collection of web links for seasonal decoration and recipes? This collection can be enriched with lots of interesting ideas every year.


You can choose traditional and more extreme solutions, and serve both conventional and special foods; the important thing is that eggs, ham, sweetbread and lamb are included into the festive menu. Be creative and enroll your kids to make the following “baby chicken” stuffed eggs.

You will need at least six eggs, mustard, mayonnaise, pepper, corn and carrots. Cook the eggs, cut off both of their tips, and scrape out the yolks into a bowl. Add mustard and mayonnaise, salt and pepper, mix well. Stuff the mixture into a cream dispenser bag, and squeeze it into the egg whites.

Place the cut-off tips back onto the yolks to make a hat. Use tweezers to carefully place in two pieces of black peppercorn for the eyes and a thin slice of carrot for the beak. Then cut six thin strips of carrot and place them under the chicken to make the legs.

This fast, inventive and showy creation can be made by anyone regardless their age. If you like the idea, share it with your friends!

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