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How to Have Healthy Hair

Healthy hair attracts the eyes of those around because of its shine, volume and texture. Not only women should take care of their hair, but also men. We have some advice on treating hair so it’s healthy and full of vitality.

How to Have Healthy Hair

Handle wet hair with great care

The main component of hair is keratin. Water elongates and weakens keratin molecules, making hair much more fragile when wet. Unfortunately, this happens when hair receiver the roughest treatment: it is washed, dried and treated with various “hair care” products. In order to diminish problems, wash your hair only when necessary. If you have naturally oily hair, you can wash it daily; however, washing too often may deprive hair of its shine due to removing protective oils. Develop a delicate routine to wash hair: use lukewarm water instead of hot water, massage the scalp and don’t rub it, and dry your hair with a towel, not with a hair dryer. And, for disentangling, use a wide-toothed comb.

Watch greasy products

Gels and other styling products can create the impression that your hair can’t exist without them. Gels are made of polymers, essentially plastics, dissolved in alcohol, and alcohol is known for weakening keratin and dehydrating hair strands. The final result is weakened, dry, damaged hair;  that’s why you should use gels rarely, and choose those that don’t contain alcohol. Hair wax, on the other hand, contains heavy ingredients such as kerosene and beeswax; therefore, its removal needs frequent washing with a strong shampoo that may affect hair adversely. New hair wax formulas, having water as a base, are much better.

How to Have Healthy Hair

Buy a shampoo that compliments your hair type

There are different formulas for all types of hair. These products contain specific ingredients that act as remedies for problems such as dry hair or oils in excess. Shampoos for dry hair contain fats and oils, humidifiers and Panthenol, a form of vitamin B5. Those for oily hair contain degreasers such as tea tree oil, rosemary and camomile. Damaged and sensitive hair benefits from proteins such as collagen, keratin and silk proteins. Don’t pay attention to prices, but to ingredients that work the best for you.

Have a new haircut

Over the time, hair loses its moisture content and cuticles, which protect hair strands, may break at the end causing hair to weaken and dry out. A periodical haircut can help this problem. Hair’s health also depends on washing, genes, treatments, exposure to sun and heat; therefore, the intervals between haircuts vary as well. When hair loses some of its shine, it’s a sign that it needs to be cut.

Eat healthy and exercise

Hair care products only help hair’s looks and texture, whereas a healthy, balanced diet actually feeds the hair. The same spectrum of nutrients is needed by hair as by the body, but hair needs some of these more than others. For example, hair is made up of proteins. Meat and dairy are the richest in proteins, followed by soy products. Biotin, a kind of vitamin B found in brown rice, leafy vegetables, greens and eggs, helps hair remaining silky and strong. Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish and nuts are good for the scalp, and liquids are important for a well hydrated hair. As about exercise, it increases blood circulation and drive nutrients toward the scalp.