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How to create perfect eyebrows with the aid of a string

Some women have such perfect and beautiful eyebrows as if they were tending to it all day. Now we show what their secret may be.


The eyebrows of a woman are beautiful if they are arched and match the shape of the face. The ideal shape is a little difficult to find, so it helps if we ask for the advice of an expert first, and start removing unwanted hair to shape our own eyebrows only when we feel confident about it. However, it matters what method we use in shaping our eyebrows.

Using tweezers is time-consuming, and the hair grows back quickly. Also, if we pull out the wrong strands, the arch can be destroyed. Waxing is a more comfortable procedure, and it doesn’t involve so much pain, but this method may cause the skin around the eyes wrinkle faster.

The ideal solution may be threading. All you will need is a piece of thread and soothing cream or oil. It is very important to choose a suitable kind of thread, which is not too thick, and it is made of cotton. You will need a 25–30 cm long thread. Tie the two ends and insert your hands into the resulting circle. Start rolling the thread in the middle, moving one of your hands the way you see in the video. In this way, a spiral is going to form in the middle, and rolling this spiral will remove the unwanted hair. Press the thread onto your skin, and, with a constant rolling motion of your hand, carefully push the thread along the area of the skin with hair you wish to remove. If you watch the video below, you can understand the technique much better.

Those who have tried it, say that that this method is very efficient, and they don’t want to use any other method from now on.

(NOTE: In the video the girl is speaking in Hungarian)