How to choose the best watermelon?

Choosing the best watermelon is not that simple. If you don’t want to have it cut before buying, take into account more than the skin, color and weight.

How to choose the best watermelon?

Whether big or small, a good watermelon is heavy compared to its size. Lift several ones and select the heaviest one.

Another important factor is the yellow spot on the opposite side of the stem, where the watermelon was touching the ground during ripening. It is important to choose a watermelon with a yellow spot. If the spot is green or white, it means that the watermelon is not ripe enough.

Knocking on watermelons is also a common method. If you hear a loud, hollow sound, the fruit is ripe.

How to choose the best watermelon?

If the stem of the watermelon is dry, it has been picked several days earlier. Choose a watermelon with a green stem.

And, last but not least, the skin of the watermelon should be bright. This shows that the fruit is completely ripe.

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