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How to can honey flavored buckthorn

The combination of honey and buckthorn is worth the whole range of products of a pharmacy. Today we share how honey flavored buckthorn is prepared.


If we feel as though we might have caught a cold, or we are unable to stand cooler weather, shudder if we think of mornings and don’t have any energy left in the evenings, or we simply want to fill up on vitamins, we should collect or buy at least one kilogram of buckthorn. Even if we don’t feel like any of the above, but we would like to lose some weight, we may still want to consume buckthorn because of its great abilities to break down fat.

Let’s look at how to can honey flavored buckthorn for the winter.

Ingredients: At least 1 kg buckthorn, honey

Procedure: Wash the orange colored berries, strain them and clean them completely of any remaining pieces of stems, leaves or thorns. Wash the jars thoroughly or even steam them to get rid of all germs. Fill the jars about halfway with buckthorn, and then pour honey on top until the jars are full. Keep the jars in the fridge for about two weeks. It is very useful to eat a spoonful of jam before breakfast. As a cure, at least three spoonful of the concoction needs to be consumed every day. Buckthorn syrup and oil are great compliments to the cure as well.