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How to attract true LOVE into your LIFE!

You can call yourself lucky if you live in a happy and loving relationship. However, if you are still looking for the One and can’t seem to find him or her no matter what you do, you may find the following article really helpful. You may be inspired by the advice and guidance, and may be encouraged again to keep working on finding your soulmate and the happiness that comes with a loving relationship.

How to attract true love into your life
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“Don’t suffer! Don’t torture yourself anymore! Be free and be patient! Be yourself!”

You need to learn to let things go if they don’t work out – you should never force or get attached to anything that doesn’t seem to bring positive effects. The best you can do is to get rid of self-torturing thoughts and become as open as possible. Be friendly and accepting and believe that your soulmate will soon arrive into your life.

The first step

Try the Buddhist method entitled The Meditation of a Beginner. Verify your thoughts on various topics, of what you believe and think about true love. When you feel like you have cleared your thoughts, the Universe will take the first steps in your favour, and will guide your path towards true love.

The second step

Decide on what your goal is. Write it down in one sentence and read it aloud to the Universe, letting it know that you are ready to embrace love.

An example: “I am looking forward to and expect my soulmate to knock on the door of my heart. I am ready for a serious relationship that will last as long as I live and that will make my true love and myself completely happy.”

How to attract true love into your life
Photo: Cristiano Betta/Flickr.com

The third step

Every single day, concentrate on what you feel deep inside your heart and on how you will feel when you are with the love of your life. Close your eyes and imagine him or her. Check if your heart starts beating faster.

If you are filled with happiness, relief, sense of security and peace, your dream will come true. You can even start a dialogue with your soulmate.

The fourth step

In order to succeed, you need strong determination. Consider that you are a mature person who has clearly defined his or her goals in life, and don’t allow yourself be distracted by doubts and negative thoughts. Keep your inner balance and don’t allow anything to affect it negatively.

If you are strong and persevering, you will soon find your soulmate and the love of your life you have been waiting for.