How the Homeless Veteran Turned into Job Applicant in a Suit – VIDEO

Jim Wolf has been living in the street for decades. Every day, people passed him without taking any notice of him. The US Army veteran struggled with alcoholism, and he didn’t have any chance to find work. In September 2013 he volunteered to receive a makeover at Degage Ministries, a non-profit organization that helps homeless persons.


The team made up of a hairdresser, a beautician and fashion stylist worked on Jim’s appearance for hours, until he was outwardly transformed into an impeccable businessman. At the end of it, when the man takes a look at himself in the mirror, he can hardly recognize himself.

Ever since his makeover, Jim frequents Alcoholics Anonymous to get rid of his addiction and be able to live a normal life.

Take a look below at moments of his transformation.

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