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Homemade Remedies for Wart Treatment

Warts can be very unpleasant; they can bother lots of us for a long time, and we may decide to fight them or live with them. Chances are, if we try one or two homemade remedies, we won’t need to have a surgery to get rid of these annoying blemishes.

Small and new warts can be removed at home easily; if we are patient enough, we can even give a chance to our immune system to fight them. If this doesn’t happen, we can use affordable home remedies. Even if warts don’t bother us, it is recommended to get rid of them, because they are of viral origin, and able to spread fast.

The simplest and handiest remedy is garlic. There is always some of it in the pantry, it is cheap and it is worth to try it. Cut a clove in half and try to squeeze the juice on the wart. It also helps placing a slice on the wart and fasten it with a band aid.

The juices of dandelion or calendine (tetterwort) can also be used to be put on warts, which will fall off if treated regularly. In my own experience, these remedies work very well. I had a wart on my left index finger until seven years of age. I used a few drops of calendine on it at the advice of my grandparents, and it fell off in two or three days, to my sadness; beforehand, the wart helped me remember which one was my left hand.

Other popular remedies are cotton balls dipped in vinegar, the juice of birch bark, banana peel and basil juice. We can try any of these too.

We can also use band aids to remove warts. Each wart has to be tightly covered for six days, then, after the removal of the band aid, we should soak the wart and rub the dead skin on it vigorously. The area should be left uncovered for the night; then, the process should be repeated the next morning, until the wart falls off.

And yet another solution: mix some vitamin C tablets with some water and make a paste. Cover the wart with this paste, and then put a band aid over it. The high acid content of the vitamin fights off the wart.

According to some, vitamin E oil also works against warts. Once a day, break a vitamin E capsule and rub the contents in the wart. Cod liver oil can also be used instead of vitamin E.