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Homemade remedies against earaches

Earaches can be very common, especially during the winter. This illness can have very unpleasant symptoms, so we decided to collect some ideas to cure it at home.

Source: onejive.com
Source: onejive.com

Olive oil
Besides other medical uses, olive oil is a great remedy against ear inflammation. Rub a few drops of heated oil in ear canal area 3-4 times daily. This will soothe the dry, itchy feeling, and the heat will also improve the problem area. The treatment is even more useful if we stuff our ears with cotton afterwards.

Garlic oil
This oil can be found in most pharmacies, but we can make it at home as well if we squish some garlic cloves and let them sit overnight. A few drops need to be used dripped directly into the ear until the pain subsides. Garlic is one of the best natural antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and immune strengtheners. If you don’t want to drip the oil in your ear, you can eat 1-2 garlic cloves a day instead.

Lukewarm water
Another excellent solution against earaches is a lukewarm water bottle or a wet towel placed on the ear. Heat will improve blood circulation and the pressure will subside.

A centuries old effective remedy against earaches is heated salt, packed in a towel. Besides its pleasant temperature, this solution is a painkiller as well.

Prop it up
Place an extra pillow underneath your head to help the secretion empty easier and the pressure ease up.

When to see a doctor?
It is necessary to see a specialist if the pain doesn’t subside, or if fever, dizziness and secretion appear. If we feel a sharp pain or one that comes in waves, or if we experience ear ringing or muffled hearing, visit our doctor at once, because our eardrum may be in danger of rupture.