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Homemade eye wrinkle cream

The eye area needs to be constantly nurtured, as this area has few sebaceous glands; however, in the summer it doesn’t need a lot of fat, as opposed to colder periods.

Source: James Gaither/Flickr.com
Source: James Gaither/Flickr.com

The skin needs plenty of water, both inside and outside; in addition to fats you should therefore take care of its hydrating well. The skin is not able to absorb water by itself, so it’s not sufficient to sprinkle some water on it, even if this may feel pleasant in the summer. Luckily, without any major cosmetic knowledge, you can prepare your own homemade moisturizer.


  • 1 tablespoon of flax seed
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • A cucumber
  • Water or chamomile tea

Cook the flax seeds to cook until they begin to turn to gel, but the process is not yet complete, and filter the seeds through a gauze filter or a dense mesh. Use fresh aloe Vera gel to treat the skin around your eyes, but you may use store bought gel as well. In the first case, cut off the skin of the plant leaves making sure that you remove all of the yellow parts as well, and then smash the remaining transparent gel.

Grate the cucumber and squeeze out its juice, and then strain it. Mix the jelly and the cucumber juice or water in a 1:1 ratio. Blend them together, and pour the mixture into sterile jars. You can store the preparation in the refrigerator for a month. Since it is not fully absorbed into the skin, you should use it in the evening, but it also works great as a facial mask.