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Homeless persons surprised with total makeover

Alienation and lack of empathy start becoming the epidemic of our days. Most people turn their heads away when they see a homeless person.

Homeless persons surprised with total makeover
Photo: MediocreFilms/YouTube

Interest in others and caring for others is becoming less and less popular, and those who live at the margins of society, suffer probably the most. It is very touching when we see the reactions of such marginalized people to kindness. Hopefully the following video will inspire many to acts of kindness toward the needy.

The video presents a part of a TV program similar to Candid Camera, except that passers-by are not tricked but pleasantly surprised, and the program is actually geared towards peope who need help. The homeless persons featured in the video arrive to the Centre for Homeless in Ascencia, Glendale for a hearty breakfast. They are given their breakfast, but receive much more than that – an unforgettable pampering session.

Take a look at how these people react when they see the massage beds, the fresh, clean clothes, the hair dresser, the nail stylist and the makeup stylist, are all at their disposal. The before and after photos will amaze you for sure!