Homeless people were asked what they would like for Christmas

Some people want money. Some want a new car, a house, a flat-screen TV, a new iPhone – the more expensive the better.

Source: Capture YouTube
Source: Capture YouTube

Some homeless people were asked what their greatest desire for Christmas was. The conversation was recorded in a heartbreaking video.

The host of Altruist Random YouTube had a brilliant idea: he decided to surprise a few homeless persons living in the area. He grabbed his camera and began to ask them about their greatest Christmas wishes.
After the initial uncertainty, they started sharing their ideas more and more boldly:

“I want everyone to be happy!”
“Peace on Earth.”
“A new watch!”
“Sandwich! I want a sandwich more than anything else in this world!”
“A black cardigan.”
“I don’t know what I want for Christmas… I thought of some new pants.”
“I want a pair of runners.”
“Can it be anything? I don’t know, make it a surprise!”

And what did these people receive from their benefactor? It is revealed in the video. Don’t miss it!