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Homemade Garlic Drops

There are very few foods that are healthier than garlic. Many diseases could be prevented by eating one or two cloves every day.

As a natural antibiotic, it is not only a fungicide, but a perfect solution to prevent flu and cold; also, it regulates blood pressure, cleanses blood vessels and helps digestion. It contains a significant amount of Vitamin C and D6, improves blood and lymph circulation, helps losing weight and improves concentration ability.

Fortunately, garlic is one of the most widely used spices in cooking. We use lots of it indeed, but still not enough. We should make garlic drops at home and consume them every day in order to establish a good health for the winter period.

These drops are so efficient that they protect our immune system for up to five years, which means that we have to use them again only after that period is up.


  • 350 grams of garlic,
  • 0.4 l, 96% alcohol.


peel the garlic, crush and chop it into tiny pieces. Put chopped garlic in a tightly closing bottle, and pour alcohol over it until the garlic is completely covered. Close the bottle, shake the mixture well. Keep the bottle in a dark, cool place for 10 days.

The mixture needs to be shaken up once a day during the first 8 days, but left undisturbed for the last two days. By this time it will turn into a greenish colour, which is completely normal. At the end of the tenth day strain the mixture.

The result should be approximately 0.45 l of liquid, which should be consumed three times a day after being mixed in 50ml of milk in the amounts according to the following chart:

Day 1. 1 drop – 2 drops – 3 drops
Day 2. 4 drops – 5 drops – 6 drops
Day 3. 7 drops – 8 drops – 9 drops
Day 4. 10 drops – 11 drops – 12 drops
Day 5. 13 drops – 14 drops -15 drops
Day 6. 15 drops – 14 drops -13 drops
Day 7. 12 drops – 11 drops – 10 drops
Day 8. 9 drops – 8 drops – 7 drops
Day 9. 6 drops – 5 drops – 4 drops
Day 10.  3 drops – 2 drops 1 drop

If there are garlic drops remaining after the 10th day, we could consume 3×25 drops per day until they last.