His way of peeling an orange may seem strange, but the result is great

Creating various objects from recycled materials is a fun activity, and very useful at the same time, as we may reuse material that otherwise would end up in landfill. But have you ever tried to make a lamp from an orange?


In addition to giving light, this lamp will create a romantic atmosphere and will spread an intense and refreshing fragrance.

With just a few materials and a little skill it will be very easy to make this decorative object. The base material is a fresh orange. Use a marker to draw a line across the middle in the way shown in the video. Then use a cutter to cut along the line, and a spoon to scoop out the flesh of the orange. Place a metal cake cutter in the middle of one of the peels, and place the peel onto an inverted cup; press the cookie cutter down carefully.

Now you can decorate the peel with cloves around the edge. Inside the other half of orange you can place a candle. Have fun making your orange candle holder!

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