Here’s how the song “Hello” by Adele sounds to the rhythms of reggae

Adele is a dedicated singer, composer and songwriter from the UK who managed to establish herself on the music scene by the resounding success she had with many of her songs. Dubbed the “New Queen of Soul”, she released the song “Hello” in 2015, and it got to number 1 in all toplists, both national and international.

As expected, lots of people love this song and many cover versions of it appeared in a year. Out of all these, the reggae version may be the most original one, played by Nicholas Murray, an artist from Jamaica known as Conkarah and his sister Rosie Delmah, 14 years old.

At the beginning the style is just like the original, but shortly after it gets a nice reggae note. The pace of this cover gives us a good feeling and the harmonious voices of the two singers are a delight to listen to.

This cover was posted on the Facebook page of Conkarah and gathered 5 million views in a single month. Another record was posted on YouTube, and it succeeded to gather over 44 million views in less than a year.


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