Here’s how traffic lane dividers optimize the traffic on a busy highway

Road safety on highways is ensured by appropriate markings that prevent accidents. Sense separators are essential so cars can circulate in the intended direction and unwanted events are prevented.

As traffic on major highways is increasing daily, the authorities need to find effective solutions to relieve traffic congestion in both directions. The vehicle in the video can move the sense dividers with amazing ease, without obstructing the traffic at all. It is used in busy traffic periods to transfer the sense dividers, adding more lanes where necessary during peak hours.

This huge machine is fitted with an ‘S’-shaped device that lifts and moves the concrete slabs in the desired location. Being linked with steel connectors, the dividers can be moved from one place to another as a single body.

The dividing wall made up by traffic separators is lifted from the road surface and moved laterally in one direction or another, freeing the way for a new lane. The machine travels at a speed of about 16 km/h.

As we can see, it is not necessary to stop the traffic or crowd it into a single lane – in fact, the presence of this vehicle streamlines traffic. The lanes created by this impressive vehicle are sometimes called zipper lanes, as the way they work may remind one of a giant zipper.

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