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The health benefits of salty water. Consumed regularly, it can transform into a precious elixir for health

Salty water is a drink that has the amazing benefits for the body. If consumed regularly, it can transform into a precious elixir for health.

Plain water with salt, consumed in the morning, brings very many health benefits, but the positive effects appear only after a few days from the beginning of the treatment.

Salty water cure

Warm up 1 L of water and add 2 tablespoons of pure unprocessed sea salt. Mix until the salt dissolves. Drink salty water in small sips in the morning, on an empty stomach, and then lie on your right side for 30 minutes. Follow the procedure for a week.

Salty water is a drink with antibacterial properties. It eliminates all bacteria and toxins from the body as it passes through the digestive system, and decomposes fecal matter which is then also eliminated with the salty water, thus cleansing the colon naturally.

It regulates digestion

Salty water is a natural treatment for constipation, and it is healthier than laxatives. It is also a milder and efficient alternative to enema, as it can cleanse the entire digestive system.

In the stomach, salt stimulates chlorohydrin acid and it enhances its production, and also that of an enzyme that digests proteins. Salty water also stimulates secretion from the intestinal tract and the liver, thus aiding digestion. By regular consumption of salty water, you contribute to the regulation of the intestinal tract and at the same time at the enhancement of the absorption of nutrients.

It calms the nervous system

Unrefined salt contains micro-minerals that calm the nervous system and combat insomnia. By consuming salty water regularly, the levels of adrenaline and cortisol are reduced. Both of these substances are dangerous stress hormones.

Excess cortisol makes the brain is sensitive to pain, drains the supra-adrenal glands and thus causes chronic fatigue and reckless sleep.

It makes bones healthier

The body drains calcium and other minerals from the bone to function optimally and to neutralize the acidity of the blood.

Pure salt is full of healthy natural minerals, has an alkalizing effect and thus helps making bones healthier.

It takes care of the skin

Skin diseases always come as a result of disturbances in the body. For this reason, besides applying salt externally, you also need to consume salty water.

To function properly, skin needs a neutral pH value. Due to its balancing and neutralizing effects, salt assures an optimal regulation of the pH of the skin.

Who can’t use of salty water cure

Persons who suffer from hypertension, renal cyst, cardiovascular diseases, severe stomach illnesses or intestinal tract illnesses should refrain from using salty water cure.

The main purpose of the cure is to cleanse the colon, so it also causes diarrhea and lots of water from the body will be eliminated. Therefore, it is very important to consume at least 2-3 L of pure water during the cure, or else dehydration may be the result.

Another effect that should be taken into consideration before using the treatment is the possibility of an imbalance of the electrolytes. As said the quantity of salt in the water is very high, the kidneys will work harder to strain salty water. At the same time, a large quantity of water may disturb the electrolytes in the body, which may cause heart rhythm problems, muscle dysfunction or confusion.