He went on the stage, the lights went off and the jury became breathless

We have never seen such an exceptional shadow play; we kept replaying it over and over again, and we just couldn’t have enough of it. The Siberian group U.D.I. will probably mesmerize everyone.


The members of the group are aged between 18 and 32, but we can rarely see such harmonious, cooperative and balanced performance, with such level of excellence in teamwork.

First, a man dressed in neon blue appears on the stage, and he is soon whisked away to the kingdom of happiness and joy. Then, another man appears, dressed in red, and starts fighting the first one.

They keep fighting for a while, each showing off his power. And then, the blue one suddenly vanishes. The production ends so unexpectedly that it leaves us breathless. We are trying to interpret the message and wondering how they could present it with such professionalism.

The members of the jury look extremely surprised as well. Watch the video and share it with your friends if you like it!

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