He hasn’t talked for almost a year, but watch what happens when he looks into his wife’s eyes

The ALS syndrome, also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is a fatal disease, which involves the atrophy of motor neurons starting in the spinal cord and the brain and ending in the muscles. Based on current knowledge of the medical science, the syndrome is incurable.

He hasn’t talked for almost a year, but watch what happens when he looks into his wife's eyes

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In the beginning the patient can’t control his or her muscles; later on, speaking, swallowing and breathing will also become difficult. Most persons suffering from ASL’s syndrome die from respiratory arrest. When a person develops the disease, they will die within a few years even if receiving drug treatment. The majority of patients die within 4-5 years, and only a few prominent cases have been recorded in which a patient survived for 10 years.

The cause of the disease is still unknown; however, it has been shown that 5 to 10 percent of the cases are genetically inherited.

The touching story of Don and Lorraine demonstrates the drastic lifestyle change caused by this terrible disease. The husband and wife have been married for 25 years. Don’s life suddenly changed when he found out that his neurons started dying. Fortunately, their story became known to a company that manufactures special communication equipment for the disabled called Not Impossible Labs, and they provided the couple with a device that helps Don communicate with Lorraine via eye movement.

In the video, we can witness some touching moments when Don professes bis love for his wife.

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