A handy invention that will become helpful to many brides

If a bride wearing a huge wedding dress wants to use the toilet, she will find that this is not easy at all. At such times, hordes of bridesmaids need to accompany the bride to the ladies’ to assist her. Nobody likes to talk about this drawback of wearing a gorgeous multi-layered dress, even if some preventive thinking would be helpful in this case.

However, there is somebody who thought about an idea of how to make a bride’s big day easier. A smart company understood the embarrassing situation of brides who might feel uncomfortable to be accompanied by others to help them handle their dress, so they came out with a revolutionary new invention.

The Bridal Buddy is actually a mesh that the bride can put on and roll up her dress into it. The net with her dress rolled up can make her look a bit like a cocoon, but the most important thing is that the invention is very practical. The net is not cheap, but it is reusable, so brides can give it to each other. The video below presents this practical new invention.

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