Gyros in Crepes

If you love fast food, but you also pay attention to eating healthy, gyros in crepes will be your favorite. Here’s a recipe of a gyros that is not only special but healthy as well.



• tomatoes
• lettuce
• cucumbers
• chicken breast filler
• onions

For the crepes

• rye flour
• corn flour
• sea salt
• olive oil

For the dressing

• yoghurt
• garlic
• olive oil
• lemon juice
• salt, pepper


When combining the flours for the crepe, mix ¼ part corn flour and ¾ part rye flour. Add a small amount of water to the flour, but make sure the dough remains dense. Add olive oil and salt. The crepes obtained are much fewer in calories and healthier than traditional pita.  Stuff the crepes with tomatoes, onions, sliced and pre-cooked chicken and cucumbers, and roll them up.

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