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Gundel crepe recipe

Gundel crepe is a true Hungarian specialty invented by Carl Gundel, a Budapest restaurant owner, whose venue was famous between the two world wars not only in Europe but overseas as well. Gundel crepe was certainly one of the main reasons for the restaurant achieving such fame.

Source: wikipedia.org
Source: wikipedia.org

Ingredients for 4-6 crepes

  • For the filling
  • 100 g ground walnuts
  • 100 g chopped walnuts
  • 2 dl cream
  • 50 g raisins
  • 100 g powdered sugar
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 3 tablespoons rum

For the chocolate sauce

  • 2 egg yolks
  • 50 g dark chocolate
  • 1 heaped tablespoon Dutch cocoa powder
  • 120 g sugar
  • 20 g very cold butter
  • 2 dl milk
  • 1 vanilla stick, 10 cm long
  • 3 tablespoons rum


Fry the crepes in a 22 cm diameter pan. Soak the raisins in lukewarm water. While the raisins are soaking, chop one half and ground the other half of the walnuts. Place the walnuts in a bowl, and then add the powdered sugar and the cinnamon.

Warm up the cream in the microwave oven, pour it over the walnuts and add the raisins as well. Stir the mixture well and warm it in the microwave for 1 minute at medium heat. When the mixture cools down, add the rum as well. If the filling is too thick, make it thinner by adding another spoonful of cream.

Cut the vanilla stick lengthwise. Scrape out the inside and add it to the milk. Blend together the egg yolks, the sugar and the milk. On low heat (about 70 degrees Celsius), warm the mixture up stirring it continuously, and making sure that it doesn’t come to boil. Add the cocoa and chocolate when the mixture is still hot, and stir it to smooth out the lumps. Finally, stir in the cold butter (it will make the chocolate syrup very shiny). When the chocolate syrup cools down, add the rum. The syrup has to be thick, but still possible to be poured.

Spread the filling over the crepes, and then fold them in quarters. Pour a spoonful of melted butter over them. Before serving, heat up the crepes, sprinkle them with powdered sugar and pour hot chocolate sauce over them.