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A great trick to cut up a watermelon easily

How do you eat watermelon? Do you use a spoon and a knife, or you bite into it?

A great trick to cut up a watermelon easily
Photo: Jennifer Jenner/YouTube

I love watermelon, but I don’t like the mess it makes. Until now, I could only enjoy watermelon if I ate it in the garden, by the stream. There I can allow the juice to drip everywhere and I can wash my hands afterwards. However, it seems that there is a better way than this.

If we cut the watermelon in the way it is shown in the video, it can be eaten without much less of a mess. It is a very practical idea, and the result looks good too.

What you will need is a glass bowl as big as the watermelon and a sharp knife. Wash the watermelon, cut it in halves, and place one of the halves on a chopping board. Peel it with a knife and start cutting it as if you were making French fries. After cutting it up, don’t allow it to fall apart. Instead, cover it with the glass bowl and turn the bowl upside down with the chopping board on. Then remove the chopping board and enjoy the tasty watermelon wedges.

By using this method it is also easier to serve watermelon.