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Grandma’s ideas – practical and useful household solutions

Who is so perfect as to know every household trick and never needs advice to solve small or great problems, which can be so unpredictable and irritating?

Source: Flickr.com
Source: Flickr.com

1. Terracotta tiles

Terracotta tiles will be clean and shiny if you clean them often with a mixture of soap paste and water.

2. Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles can be cleaned faster if you wipe them off with a mixture of decanted chalk and water. More difficult spots can be removed with vinegar. After cleaning, spread some wax over the tiles and after a few minutes polish the tiles with a soft cloth. After the treatment, the tiles become shiny and water droplets may be removed easily.

Grease spots can be removed with a mixture of decanted chalk and vinegar. After the treatment, wash off the tiles with hot water. Dull tiles become shiny if you wipe them with ammonia.

3. Muscular fever

To soothe muscular pain and fever, have a hot bath, use a sauna or rub the painful areas with menthol alcohol.

4. Potato slices

You can cut potato slices easily and fast with a slicing machine if you want to make potato salad or baked potatoes.

5. Decorative ferns

Ferns are attractive plants if they are cared for and healthy. You need to turn them around from time to time to ensure they grow evenly.

Weak black tea or a light salt solution (4 tablespoons of salt to 750 ml water) makes a good fertilizer for ferns.

6. Zippers

Before washing clothes, close the zippers of jackets and pants to make their handling easier.

If you have problems stopping the zippers, take a pencil and draw the lead over the teeth of the zipper several times.

7. Liver

Don’t salt liver before cooking, as salt will have a hardening effect. To make liver softer, keep it in milk for an hour before cooking, and then wipe it off and dip it into flour right before cooking.

8. Fast cooking of potatoes

Potatoes cook faster if you put a teaspoon of margarine into the cooking water, as the water will come to boiling temperature faster and the potatoes will soften faster too.

9. Hair styling

Light beer is an excellent solution for sculpting hair. Rinse your hair with beer after washing; your hair will become shiny and will hold up better, and the smell will disappear after drying.

10. Broken flower stems

Use transparent adhesive tape to fix broken stems.

11. Scissors

Scissors will become sharp again if you rub the blades with sandpaper.

12. Aluminum foil

Don’t use aluminum foil to cover metal trays, as chemical reactions will occur that will make food have a metallic taste.

13. Foil for freshness

You can separate plastic foil sheets if you keep them in the fridge or place them into the freezer for several minutes.

14. Photographs

Stained or dirty photographs can be cleaned with alcohol. Dip a piece of cotton into alcohol and wipe off the photos carefully.

15. Clotheslines

Before hanging out clothes to dry, wipe off the clotheslines with a wet cloth; this way you avoid having black lines on your clothes.

16. Burned steak

You can save burned steak by cutting of blackened parts and place the meat with the juice and a dash of baking soda in a clean pan. Continue cooking as usual.

17. Pork

Pork steak will become much crispier if you wipe the meat with beer or salty water before frying, and you fry the meat at high temperature.

18. Beef steak

Beef steak will become tender if, before frying, it is submerged into boiling water for a second, and then the water is wiped off.

19. Dried fruit

Dried fruit become softer during cooking if you put sugar into the water only at the end of cooking.

20. Fruit

Freshly cut fruit won’t become darker if you pour several drops of lemon juice over them.

 21. Ants

This is how you can get rid of ants: pour several drops of honey onto a piece of cardboard and place it onto the path used by ants. The insects will stick onto the cardboard.

Overnight, place a sponge soaked in vinegar onto the path used by ants. The second day, dip the sponge into hot water to kill ants trapped in the sponge.

Ants don’t like cinnamon; if you want to ward them off, sprinkle their path with cinnamon.

You can poison ants with dry baking powder.