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Got married 75 years after the first kiss

The childhood friends fell in love over 80.

Got married 75 years after the first kiss

George Raynes first kissed Carol Harris in 1938. They were both 8 at that time; Carol played the Sleeping Beauty, and George played the Prince in a school play.

The former childhood friends remained in contact after high school. George moved to another state and got married, whereas Carol stayed in her native town and remained single.

Their friendship lasted for a lifetime, and after his wife’s death this summer George decided it was time to pay a visit to Carol. Quickly, their friendship turned into love. Soon afterwards, George proposed to Carol in an elegant restaurant. ‘He brought up that we have always been friends, so why shouldn’t we live the rest of our lives together?’, recalls Carol, who accepted the proposal without hesitation.

A few days ago, 75 years after the first kiss, Carol married George. ‘There were times when I thought I would remain single for my whole life. If you are past 80, you start accepting the fact that this is the way things will stay until you die.’

Things didn’t stay that way. Carol and George’s story proves it’s never too late for something wonderful to happen.