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Get rid of calf cramps in just a few seconds!

Calf cramps can surprise us at the most unexpected moments. People come up with various ideas to try and help us deal with the problem, such as drinking a glass of water or taking a spoonful of sugar, or jumping, but most of the time nothing seems to help.

Photo: Onejive.com
Photo: Onejive.com

Below, we will present a fast and efficient strategy to reduce the cramp pains in a matter of a few moments.

Calf cramps may be caused by magnesium deficiency, fatigue, circulatory problems, overexertion, uncomfortable shoes, sitting for prolonged times etc. If you suffer from frequent cramps, it’s recommended to drink as much water as possible – at least one and health liters per day – and include lots of vitamins and minerals into your diet.

The method presented below brings fast relief, even though the procedure itself may be a little painful. Grab your ankles and pull your feet upwards. Keep your feet in this position and massage your muscles gently. You will soon find that the cramps are relieved and the pain subsides.

Photo: Onejive.com
Photo: Onejive.com

After having dealt with the problem, you can exercise your feet by circling them several times a day, especially if you do sedentary work, it’s recommended to exercise your arms and legs often.