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How to furnish small living spaces

Small spaces always fascinated designers, as it is a real challenge to furnish them comfortably and yet practically. If you live in an apartment with a smallish size, you have to pay attention to three categories of details in order to make your life easier.

Source: Flickr.com
Source: Flickr.com

The lighting

It is easy to accommodate yourself and to live in a small space, but it is difficult to live in a small AND dark space. Light has the greatest power to transform a room. Use natural light that gets in the room, and light up corners that don’t receive enough natural light without accentuating pieces of furniture. Also, use light reflecting surfaces such as mirrors; these will intensify light and will make the space seem larger. As far as artificial lighting goes, you need to use two kinds: ambient lighting and lighting necessary for work. A well-lit room will seem larger no matter how small it really is.

Organization and storage

In a small place, naturally, effective organization and storage play a key role. Furniture with added on or built in storage spaces will help you resign to the habit of collecting unnecessary objects. Boxes will help you to remain organized and selective.


In a small space which you need to use for several activities, a flexible configuration and multifunctional furniture will help you maximize the space and do your activities in optimal conditions. When you buy furniture, choose pieces with multiple functions, or pieces that can be extended, a coffee table with a storage unit underneath, an extensible couch, a folding table, a desk that can be extended into a dining table, small collapsible armchairs and folding chairs.